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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> ahmad wali karzai half brother of the afghan president is shot dead and kandahar. the british phone hacking scandal deepened. former prime minister gordon brown expresses shock by information gathering on his son. >> in tears. your son is now going to be broadcast across the media. incredibly upset about it. we are thinking about his future and our family. >> riots on the streets of belfast ahead of an annual celebration. coming up and this program, europe's new nightmare. fears that the debt crisis could
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spread to italy and spain. after the allegations, the denials. the man behind qatar's world cup bid. hello. the half-brother of afghanistan's president karzai has been killed and an attack and the south of the country. ahmad wali karzai, one of the powerful men and southern afghanistan, was shot dead inside his house reportedly by his bodyguard. she was head of the provincial council and kandahar. there were previous attempts on his life. our correspondent joins us from kabul. quentin, not the first attempt on his life, but what more can you tell us?
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>> he was killed by his longtime friend, a trusted head of security. killed by 2 gunshot wounds earlier this morning. the taliban has said that they carried out the attack. they have been successful and kandahar at assassinating leaders in the past year. the talibsaan say this is one of their biggest achievements in 10 years of war. i was speaking to a u.s. official who said she was a controversial official. they knew about the allegations of drug dealing. as a result of his death, there are worries about what might happen in kandahar. >> does it change karzai's
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position of strength? >> he was a key figure in the fight against the taliban. not just for the afghan government. he was in kabul a few weeks ago trying to negotiate the next governor of the province. was not that long ago the american ambassador met with ahmad wali karzai. ahmad wali karzai he was realist, a tough man, a man whose tentacles spread far and wide. she was aware of the threat to him. >> the taliban issued letters to most of the top leaders. if you don't leave kandahar in 5 days, you face death. >> what we have seen from the taliban is a change in tactics. those big attacks that would
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result and many civilian casualties, they are not the main forced of attack. what we are seeing is assassination of political leaders. ahmad wali karzai one of the biggest casualties. >> the former british prime minister gordon brown said that alleged links between rupert murdoch's news company and the criminal underworld need to be investigated. mr. brown whose son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, spoke about his shock that they were targeted. she spoke exclusively to glen campbell about allegations she was targeted. >> i have never talked publicly about fraser's condition. obviously, we wanted that to be kept private for all of the obvious reasons.
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you want to do the best buy your children. and i've never complained about what happened to me before. the truth is that information did come out. i was approached by some newspaper. they told me they had this story about fraser's medical condition and they were going to run this story. >> how did that affect you as a father? >> in tears. your son is now going to be broadcast across the media. sarah and i are upset about it. we are thinking about his future and our family. but there is nothing you can do about it. you are and public life. you don't know how it's appeared. i've not read any claims, but it did appear in "the sun"
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newspaper. >> it was rebecca brooks who phoned. rooks were told rebecca berd was involved. if this is the policy of the newspaper's editor this country that they will write about the medical situation of young children, then you have to ask yourselves, where are they getting this information from? >> that is gordon brown speaking to our correspondent glenn campbell. there has been a response from news international to that interview. i will read this. "we know the allegations made so that we can investigate these matters further. we ask that all information is provided to us. it also says the sun newspaper is satisfied about the methods in which it obtained that story about gordon brown's son's
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medical records. we will have much more about that in half an hour. two senior metropolitan police officers, along with two retired officers are to be questioned about the way police handled their investigations into phone hacking by "the news of the world'. it feels like the story is gathering pace. let's go live to westminster and our political correspondent, where the politicians tongues are braggin wagging. >> the charges that gordon brown levels at news international, the u.k. wing of news corp., are extra dery. she said that they have links with criminal underworld. that is an incredibly emotive phrase.
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news international said that no comment on that part of the interview, that that will ratchet up the debate. >> rebecca, the chief executive of news international, she did say when closing "the news of the world', she said that worse is to come. it seems to be mounting by the day. >> that is the feeling at westminster that this story has legs. people have stopped being shot at the allegations. which is what i think a lot of attention will now focus on the police in the next few hours as they head to a parliamentary committee to give evidence. there are big questions that have so much attention on news international about why the police did not read-open this
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investigation, particularly in 2009 when more details from the guardian newspaper and "the new york times" were coming to light. >> russia is observing a day of mourning for the victims of sunday's pleasure trip on the river volga. it is feared dead more than 120 people drowned. the attack took place in the sinai. this is the fourth time the pipeline has been targeted this year alone. there is no claim of responsibility, although bedouin tribesmen have been blamed for previous attacks. the founder of wikileaks is back in court as she tries to fight extradition to sweden. assange is accused of
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rape and molestation. he denies the charges. in northern ireland, police have been battling with rioters. the troubles broke out in belfast when catholic youths hijacked a bus. police used water cannon against the crowds as and the martin reports. >> children and teenagers rioted as adults watched. nationalists hijacked a bus and drove it at a police cordon. it crashed before any officers were hit. the purpose of the water cannon and the police helicopter is to keep that 200-strong crowd, which has been pelting police
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with sticks and it breakicks for two hours. july 12 marks the start and a highlight of the parade season. the police did fire a number of plastic baton rounds. in the same area, trouble broke out last year. thousands of orangemen will take part and hundreds of parades, a strong number of which are strongly opposed by nationalists. >> aaron joins me now. we are focusing on brussels. it's on italy, and the way the markets are dealing with it. they are nervous. >> let me read the lines that
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has investors worried. finance ministers are open to the possibility of allowing a selected default in greece. investors look at that and they go, what happened to this a free insurance that all countries safe? the are that is no longer true. who will lend money to an euro country, particularly italy? >> it's held within the country, within the banks? >> it has to be paid back at some time. are we going to worry about the likes of greece, ireland and portugal. we should worry about italy. this is what the markets are doing. banking stocks taking a pummeling at the moment. unicredit continuing to falal,
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banks.y's largest the markets are really worried about this problem. many saying that the year rose own finance ministers that had a lengthy meeting do not have enough to grapple, to correct this situation. contagion is the worry. i will be talking a lot more about this on the world business report in 15 minutes. sweating bricks. >> you're watching "bbc world news". do stay with us. coming up shortly, a match exodus. thousands of somali refugees continue to cross into kenya to escape starvation. china's richest and most populous province has asked the central government to relax the law that restricts most families to one child.
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the one child policy has been in force for 30 years. >> in china, they are known as little emperors. these children have no brothers or sisters because of the countries o ne child policy. they get the undivided attention of parents and grandparents. when he grows up, the tables will be turned. he will support and his relatives. >> it is a burden for one child to support 6 adults. many chinese families have this challenge. >> china's aging population is adding to the problem. too many penshioners, too few workers. now the countries wealthiest province is calling for change. officials are proposing that families there be allowed to have more than one child. many experts say it is time for
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greater change. so far the authorities have said no. but the question is for how much longer? >> canada says it is temporarily boycotting the united nations conference on disarmament. after it was announced that north korea would be chainring it. it's absurd it should preside over the meeting. police have used water cannon and tear gas and thousands of chilean miners. they are on strike for the first time in 20 years. clashes broke out when the march reached the central square in the chilean capital. thanks for being with us on "bbc world news". ahmad wali karzai, a half-
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brother of the afghan president is shot dead in kandahar. the british phone hacking scandal deepened. the former prime minister gordon brown expresses shock about allegations of information on his sick son. let's get some more on our main story. ahmad wali karzai, a half- brother of the afghan president, has been shot dead in kandahar. homage karzai said at a news conference that this assassination reflects the suffering of all afghan people. that was his immediate response. you've met him recently. very well indeed. i'm sure you're shocked. >> we were in kandahar for a
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film in april. i noticed how many layers of security, barbed wire, concrete walls that she had around his compound. she said the taliban had tried to attack him. he was surrounded by bodyguards. everyone went to ahmad wali karzai, because even though he's job was the head of the provincial council, she was regarded as the man you had the province, thenthn the main power broker when it came to taking on the taliban or getting help for ailing relatives. >> mr. fix-it. it does not matter how many walls if the enemy is from
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within. >> this is the biggest fear of nato forces and afghans. how do you distinguish friend from foe? the nato forces have had this in a few incidents. an afghan turns the dunks on the people they are working with. they are fighting enemies within. this has happened in kandahar. a shocking development, because it will concentrate minds, if president karzai depends on his half-brother, to consolidate his influence. ahmad wali karzai can be killed, what about the others? >> the significance of this for the president himself. there is plenty of controversy to be found when it comes to election fraud, but he was caught up and that. but he delivered. he was the man who had the tribal connections. they said you are the most
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popular -- powerful man in kandahar. his father was killed by htthe taliban. he was succeeded by hamid karzai. ahmad wali karzai was in that tradition. she used his powers to try to consolidate the position of his brother. she said to his brother, i will get kandahar because they have a saying, whoever controls kandahar controls afghanistan. this morning, who controls kandahar is what everyone is wondering. >> and the draft and the horn of africa is worsening, and 8 official has said that he hopes the way can be found to deliver aid to somalis. death rates have been staggering. mike wooleridge reports.
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>> an uncertain start of a new life. hundreds of somalis moving into the refugee camp, one of the 3 existing camps. and problematic ever since it opened late last night. a hot, dust-filled wind blows to the camp for much of the time, and for now too few of the refugees have the protection of a tent. high death rates here. a delegation representing the you have and other donors came to see what needs to be done to prevent the refugee emergency turning into a disaster. >> the main key is the focus on the humanitarian side. in need of better tent facilities, better health facilities as well. yes, it is a top priority.
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the death rate we are seeing here is staggering. >> if the influx of refugees continues as it is or becomes bigger, the plan is to turn this area into the next refugee camp. it could be needed in a matter of weeks. no wonder everyone agrees that the emergency operation needs to be wrapped up considerably -- considerably.p a greater number of elderly and the infirm. caring for them will be adding to the complexity of this crisis. >> let's move on. mike's here with a look at copa america. dominating. >> argentina and brazil -- argentina has gone through. a victory over costa rica.
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aguerro got 2 goals. found his form. the second one was for angel de maria. they go through in second place. ecuador.ces behind venezuela. women's golf. an explosion of talent in korean golf. the u.s. open won by a korean. she needed a birdie to take it into a playoff. she showed no finds of nerves and birdied the last 3 holes. she beat another korean.
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incredible. >> it says a lot about the changing nature of all global game. now, allegations that qatar bought its way to hosting the cup in 2022. he told the bbc that claims of corruption were based on prejudice. he she dismissed a planned review by fifa. >> qatar caused the biggest upset in football history when its futuristic vision for staging the world cup was given fifa's backing. butc calls for a review grown. >> outrage. if there is evidence, investigate the evidence.
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if there is no evidence, if there is nothing there, based on rumor. >> the most damaging claims were made by a former official who said 3 members were paid $1.5 million to about for qatar. she has withdrawn those allegations. fifa confirmed it received a retraction. >> they say they have done nothing wrong and all corruption allegations against them are faults. but with bin aman facing expulsion from fifa, they know there will be questions about how they won the world cup. she is accused of bribing caribbean officials with bundles of cash to win their support and his bid to become president. qatar is worried its reputation to be damaged if he is found guilty. its plan to spend billions of pounds of new infrastructure and
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an air-conditioned stadiums like this one won them at the world cup votes. unusual to hold an event of this extraordinary magnitude in a country of one city. you would have to question whether it makes sense to build the kind of infrastructure it takes to accommodate the world cup's. following celebration last year's decision had proved short-lived. despite the countries efforts to draw a line on its victory, the doubts are unlikely to end here. >> plenty of controversies today. talking of which, i want to remind you can watch along perversion of that bbc interview with the former prime minister gordon brown. she is giving his response to the phone hacking allegation . in 20 minutes, do stay with us.
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if you want more background, it is on our web site -- >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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